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LuBase - Smart Home Management Hub

LuBase - Smart Home Management Hub

LuBase is a device we've dedicated a lot of time to design. However, that's just one of the reasons why it's worth getting to know it better. When you learn more about it, you'll fully utilize its capabilities. As a result, it will become the central point of your smart home – a place where information exchange between devices happens surprisingly quickly.

What is the role of the hub in a smart home system?

We often refer to LuBase as the "heart of the smart home." What exactly does this term mean?

The comparison to the heart stems from the fact that the hub in a smart home system connects with other smart devices, transfers commands between them, and executes automations. Its role in the system is crucial – just like the role of the heart in the body.

It's worth explaining what is the difference between a hub and a bridge. Bridges are devices that exist solely to facilitate communication between different devices in a smart home system. The hub (central unit) comes with additional functions. It is much more autonomous than a bridge – it can independently execute programmed automations, handle variables, manage notifications, and much more.

A few features that you'll find in LuBase...

... and which are rarely found in competitive solutions! LuBase is a hub that is user-friendly, making it suitable for beginners, while also being a device that won't disappoint advanced smart home users. With the goal of providing convenience, safety, and a wide range of possibilities, we've introduced several interesting features, such as:

LuNotification - with notification management, you can decide for yourself which messages about LuBase's operation will appear in your app. LuNotification is a way to know exactly what you need without need to see unnecessary information.

Logs - the LuBase hub stores information about the operation of connected devices for up to 5 years. You can easily check previous settings and diagnose issues at any time.

LuBackup - allows you to create backups of all devices and services connected to the hub.

LuVariables - an option for advanced users, handling variables without the need for Homebridge, which is safer and ensures privacy.

LuReconfiguration - a feature that allows you to quickly and easily "transfer" all devices and settings when you need to replace the hub with a new one, without the need for additional configuration.

What's inside the LuBase hub, and what is visible on the outside?

If you're not convinced by general claims about reliable operation, security, and speed, we have some solid arguments for you. You can be sure that the LuBase hub is perfectly prepared to handle even very advanced building automation system. The presence of innovative solutions does not translate into complicated operation. It's exactly the opposite – configuring settings with the LuHome app and controlling the hub is simple and intuitive.

What makes communication between the LuBase hub and smart devices fast even over long distances?

LuAiR wireless communication - a solution based on the ESP-NOW protocol, it doesn't interfere with Wi-Fi but works alongside it. The wireless range can reach several hundred meters, allowing LuBase to control devices even in larger buildings.

LuLiNE wired communication - an alternative to LuAiR (both networks can replace each other in case of issues). The wired bus uses CAN technology, which is widely used in aviation, automotive, aerospace, and even the space industry. Thanks to LuLiNE, devices and the hub can communicate with each other up to 10 times faster than the popular KNX standard.

The ESP32-S3 processor - the latest solution from Espressif. Thanks to it, the LuBase hub processes user requests and transmits signals in a fractions of a second. A modern processor also means greater capabilities for handling the smart home system. LuBase can connect up to 150 devices and program up to 1000 services.

LuBase is proof that electronic devices can be an attractive part of interior design. When designing the base, we focused on minimizing the presence of unsightly cables coming out of the hub. We used only one cable with all the necessary connectors at the end. The device also features eye-catching illumination – LEDs inform you about the hub's and devices' status while serving as a decorative element.

LuBase hub and security

The LuBase has access to everything that happens in your smart home. This is due to its purpose – it must control the operation of other devices. Are you concerned that collecting valuable data in one place might pose a threat to your security and privacy?

We've taken steps to ensure that nothing like that happens. When using the hub, no sensitive data regarding the operation of the building and its occupants is collected. Nothing that happens in the communication between the hub and devices leaks out – the luonOS system does not rely on cloud solutions.

Instead, LuBase stores data in a big internal memory. It creates event logs that go back up to 5 years. This allows you to easily check previous settings or examine what is causing issues.

What you've read above is just the most important information about LuBase in a nutshell. We have much more to say about how the hub works and its potential uses! Additional information can be found in one of the episodes of our LuON Podcast, as well as on the product's website.

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